MARC USA creates new brand campaign for Beltone

Beltone's 'Partner Included' by MARC USA

Beltone’s ‘Partner Included’ by MARC USA

“Partner Included”
makes life easier
for 30 million
Americans living
with disabling
hearing loss

Beltone, national leader in hearing care, is launching a new brand campaign titled, Partner Included, to tell 30 million Americans living with disabling hearing loss that Beltone is right beside them at every step of their journey.

The campaign is Beltone’s first from MARC USA and will appear in selected markets across the country in a range of media channels.

MARC USA President Cari Bucci explains how Partner Included connects with consumers by offering a fresh perspective.

“Our campaign is rooted in humor and relatable daily life situations where you wish you had a partner like the one you have at Belton,” she says. “It breaks through in a very crowded category where you typically just see clinical images. It resonates well with both people who are experiencing hearing loss and their families and caregivers.”



A trio of scenarios
The new campaign features three scenarios. In the first, launching this week, Beltone’s superior service is compared to getting your own pit crew when you buy a new car. Other scenarios include getting a personal chef when you buy groceries and a personal handyman when you buy a new house.

According to Beltone Marketing VP Dan McCoy, the scenarios help reinforce the company’s two-fold commitment to its customers.

“At Beltone, we offer not only the most advanced products but also unmatched service and support for our patients,” he says. “The goal of the campaign is to take the stress out of considering a hearing aid and let people know that at Beltone you have a lifetime partner committed to helping you hear better.”

Campaign elements include 30 second TV spots, a 60 second video for social media, print, direct mail and email. TV will run on both broadcast and cable with print appearing in leading local newspapers.

About Beltone
Founded in 1940, Chicago-based Beltone is part of the GN Group. Beltone provides industry-leading products, services and support for its hearing care network that operates in more than 1,500 offices across the United States and Canada. Beltone remains the most trusted brand for quality hearing products and care among its patients and adults aged 50 and older.

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