Magnanimous to intro new 5-in-1 CamDolly System Friday

Magnanimous Media on Friday, May 1 will host an interactive presentation for filmmakers and videographers of the new, versatile five-in-one CamDolly Cinema System, that’s considered an ideal dolly for indie filmmaker use.

Local filmmaker Bohus Blahut, a creative and marketing consultant to DSLR photography/film companies, and European designer Mat Jaz agreed that digital filmmaking required a smart new camera dolly that made it easier for filmmakers to shoot movies.  Toward that end they configured the new dolly system.

The versatility comes from five modes of the camera system: Ride-on Track, Ride-on Doorway, Heavy Duty Slider, Tabletop and 360° Orbit.  “The system is flexible, portable and modular, easy to disassemble, store and even transport in a compact car,” says Blahut.

“Some of its other advantages are that shots can be set up in less time with fewer people; it costs less than standard systems and can be used to create a vaiety of dynamic dolly shots.

Blahut says they took the feedback about the first prototype they had asked of friends who work at Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros. and CBS, and incorporated it into the final CamDolly version.

A Kickstarter campaign has raised $50,000 of its $100,000 goal to move the CamDolly into production. 

The presentation takes place at Magnanimous Media, 600 W. Cermak, 1 to 9 p.m., demonstrations and refreshments throughout the day. Free parking in an adjacent lot.