Macy’s Great Tree Lighting Ceremony tomorrow

Holiday season in the Walnut Room

Holiday season in the Walnut Room

Indoor holiday spirit
adds a shimmer
to the array of
vendors, musicians,
and passersby on the
sidewalk outside

Tomorrow, Macy’s on State Street offers the perfect way for Chicagoans to transform the unseasonably chilly weather into something timely, relevant, and fun. The magnificent store in the Marshall Field’s building will unveil its holiday window display and its gigantic Walnut Room centerpiece during the 112th Great Tree Lighting Ceremony at noon.

Brian King Joseph
Brian King Joseph

The tradition dates back to the days when department store pioneer Marshall Field helped Chicago establish a Yuletide celebration that remains far better than anything that New York has to offer.

In addition to the seasonal fanfare, the celebration will include a special appearance by electric violinist and America’s Got Talent finalist Brian King Joseph and a local recipient of the Make-A-Wish program.

Wintertime perfection
Lining the east side of State Street from Randolph to Washington, the lights and decoration of the window display add a shimmer to the festive array of vendors, musicians, and passersby on the sidewalk outside.

The dioramas are anchored by the elegant, bronze, seven-ton Great Clocks that have become Chicago landmarks in the time since they were installed more than a century before Macy’s arrived.

Up on the 7th floor, the 45-foot-tall Great Tree gently towers over patrons enjoying warm wintertime drinks in the Walnut Room, a world famous restaurant that opened in 1907 when the building still belonged to Marshall Fields.

Together, the display and the tree make the perfect way to take advantage of the old saying, when life gives you snow, have a drink.



The 112th “Great Tree Lighting Ceremony” takes place noon tomorrow at Macy’s, 111 N. State St. (aka the Marshall Field’s building), and will remain on display through January 5. For more information, click here.

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