Machete’s Bernstein edits Emerson Electronics spots, part of huge international ad campaign

DDB Chicago client Emerson Electronics, a $17 billion global technology and engineering giant, was more apt to advertise in obscure trade journals than on television.

But that changed recently when DDB launched commercials and international branding campaign for the St. Louis-based conglomerate.

Central to the campaign are three 30s shot in South Africa, which stood in for other remote parts of the world where Emerson engineers can help clients tranform raw environment into viable resources.

“Rather than explictly show the construction or operation of such endeavors, the campaign focuses on three Emerson engineers in natural settings awaiting the arrival of their clients,” said Machete editor Marty Bernstein, who spent four weeks editing the footage shot by DP Adam Kimmel of L.A., the cinematographer on “Capote.”

Director was internationally famous Albert Watson of Cyclops, New York, who enjoys dual careers of filmmaker and still photographer.