Luminair’s Elder and Hollywood pros produce $500,000 “Boxboarders” mockumentary in L.A.

No sooner back from south of the border shooting Rick Bayless’ “Mexico One Plate at a Time” bowing Sept. 12 on Ch. 11, Luminair’s George Elder headed for California for his second feature.

“Boxboarders!” is a mockumentary written and directed by Hollywood’s Rob Hedden and shot in his home town of Laguna Beach.

Produced for $500,000, it was shot in Hedden’s home town of Laguna Beach. Hedden, whose credits widely range from “Clockstoppers” to many “reunion” TV shows and sitcoms, and Jay Smith (Oscar winner “Two Soldiers”) were Elder’s co-producers.

“Boxboarders!” follows the unlikely rise to fame of a group of teenage surfing slackers who are unable to hit the waves. Instead, they accidentally create an insanely-reckless land version of the sport, after putting a refrigerator box on a skateboard and surfing the hilly streets of Laguna Beach.