Look who was among the 1,200 at the AICP Show

(Most of) Quriosity Productions at the 2016 AICP Show

ReelChicago took photos galore of the stellar turn-out of the 1,200-plus guests from advertising and production who attended Chicago’s 25th annual AICP Show Thursday night that has become the traditional kickoff for the industry’s gala holiday season.

Guests said they were excited to be back at the Cultural Center, which was closed last year due to remodeling, notes AICP Midwest president Mark Androw, who has attended all the Chicago Shows since they began in 1991.

The 80-minute Show Reel of the best international commercials of the year from AICP members was “outstanding,” Androw says. “We had the most people in the theatre watching the reel than ever before.”

For the 10th year, Blue Plate Catering provided the international array of food from all over the world “and the mariachi band was a salute to our neighbors of the South,” says Androw.

“Jenny Lumpkin did a great job producing the event on a few days notice, stepping up after long-time show producer Gayle McCormick, Ogilvy executive producer, had to fly to China on an assignment.”

Lumpkin, who had been a co-producer for several years, will be the Show producer in 2017.

“We’re competitors,” she says, “but for this one project we all banded together and it’s, like, wow, you’re really a bad-ass at what you do.”

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