Looby’s dramedy ‘Be Good’ premieres at Siskel June 22


Thomas J. Madden plays Paul in ‘Be Good’

BE GOOD, TODD LOOBY’S INDIE FEATURE, produced by his Obrigado Productions in 2011, will enjoy a full week’s screening at the Gene Siskel Film Center, starting with its world premiere June 22. 

The low-budget parenthood dramedy about young couple Paul (played by Thomas J. Madden, based on Looby’s two week stint as his daughter’s caretaker) and Mary (Amy Steinmetz) as they adjust to first time parenthood and Mary returns to work after maternity leave and Paul takes charge of spirited baby Pearl (Looby’s daughter).

Chicago indie director Joe Swanberg has a cameo as the Swanbergs’ baby, Jude, and the Loobys’ Tessa, were born about two weeks apart at the same hospital.

Madden was the lead in Looby’s 2009 Lefty, and is one of Be Good’s executive producers, along with Vladimir Radovanov (We Live in Public doc) and Looby. Janet Arvia (Lefty) was associate producer.  Mike Gibissser was DP, Ryan Gould edited, sound by Frank V. Ross and Rebekah Lieto was production manager.

Also starring Paul Gordon, Quentin Hirsley, Kathryn Henderson and Jim Jacob.

Be Good will be preceded by Looby’s short doc Lollywood, which he shot in Liberia. The director will be in attendance for Q&A at all screenings except June 28.

Tickets may be purchased here.

THE PILOT FOR DONNA RAYfilmmaker Omar McClinton’s planned dramatic cable series — is currently in production by newly formed Stormynight, a multimedia entertainment company.

Stormynight partners Robert Parsons and Cyn DulayIt is led by partners Cyn Dulay, producer/filmmaker/actress, and Robert L. Parsons, a retired steel industry executive who spent several years as a sound engineer for bands.

Donna Ray is about the process and obstacles Chicago social worker Donna Ray goes through to remove 11-year old girl from a dangerous home situation where her father is a suspected predator and places her in foster care. 

The cast of 17 and crew have begun shooting weekends in LaGrange, where Stormynight is headquartered, and will move into Chicago for scenes that take place in the Dept. of Children and Family Services next weekend.  They plan to wrap by June 25 and start post in Chicago.

Written, directed and co-produced by McClinton, Donna Ray stars Sheree Bynam in the title role; Eugene Parker as father TJ and Aniyah McCullom as daughter Tamara.

Dulay and Parson are executive producers, Steve Hiller is DP, sound by Tom Maloney and Parsons; editorial to be determined.

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