Lizzo covers ‘All Together Now’ in first Messenger spot

(First work for Messenger from Burnett)

“See You Here” is Leo Burnett’s first major campaign for Messenger, developed in partnership with Facebook’s Creative X team. For the campaign’s off-platform debut, Leo Burnett conceived and created the short film, “Pictures”—drawing inspiration from people’s real-life experiences to showcase the real-life benefits of the new video chat platform.

The energetic work is part of the agency’s first campaign, “See You Here,” in partnership with Creative X for Facebook’s Messenger Rooms—its new video chat platform.

From birthday parties and pickup basketball games, to workout sessions and online dance parties, the film, directed by Michel Gondry (Pirates of the Caribbean, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), shows how any family or friend group can turn a memory into a new moment—transforming candid pictures into full-scale, lively experiences as people emerge from photos and appear in Messenger Rooms, ready to be together.

The joy and authenticity of the commercial is amplified by the choice of song, All Together Now by The Beatles—reimagined by one of the greatest vocal powerhouses of our time, Lizzo. With an iconic song created by today’s most iconic artist, the commercial draws people into participation together. Watch below:

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“The beauty of Rooms is that it’s about close people and close relationships, not work,” said EVP/ECD Adriano Matos. “It’s that sense of intimacy and emotional bonds that we wanted to create with the film.”

Adding to the heartfelt sentiment of the commercial spots are the groups of people who bring the platform to life. One of most touching moments of filming came when a group gathered to celebrate the wedding anniversary of friends—only to find the wife reveal that she is pregnant with their second child.

The film’s production is a story in itself. In collaboration with production company Partizan, the work came together entirely remotely, from pre-production through to final product. The shoot took place over six days as Gondry directed 48 talent members spread across the U.S., with Olivier Gondry serving as VFX post-production lead to create the magical transitions.

“See You Here” truly embodies the experience of Messenger Rooms and the kind of closeness friends and families can find there, no matter where they are.

“A masterclass in creativity and collaboration. It’s the only way to describe our work for “Pictures.” More than 20 years in the business and I’ve never seen anything come together quite like this,” said Leo Burnett Global CCO, Liz Taylor. “Take a product launch, the Gondry brothers, a new take on a beloved song by The Beatles, and all the unexpected twists and turns of a national quarantine—it’s a story for the ages.”

SOURCE: Leo Burnett