“Little Green Men” bows on Earth Day

“Little Green Men,” a timely TV series about living green in U.S. cities, appropriately bows on Earth Day, April 22 over WYCC-Ch. 20 analog and Ch. 21 digital.

The six-part, half-hour HD series, produced by Wright Bros. Photoplay, launches with a show about the newest green technologies and life styles that come together at the Green Festival at Navy Pier in May.

Environmentalist and author Mike Nowak, the radio voice of gardening for more than a decade, co-hosts the series with Maria Elena Ponticello, host and freelance show producer for Telemundo/NBC Universal.

Last May, Wright Bros.’ director/cinematographer Michael Wright captured the many eco-friendly gadgets and green options displayed among the Green Festival’s 150 exhibitors ? “a huge variety of everything green, from solar panels to clothing made of hemp,” describes Wright Bros. producer Carolina Posse.

From there, the show moves to a tour of the ComEd-powered “Smart Home,” a three-story modular, sustainable house with cutting edge technologies inside and out, at the Museum of Science & Industry.