Liquidus Media revolutionizing TV ads

“The sky’s the limit for video production right now,” claims Liquidus Media’s Kirk Davis. “And we’re giving advertisers the ability to put video just about anywhere it will go.”

With its new Showbuilder service, Liquidus is turning advertisers into producers and program schedulers by providing the capability to create long-format advertising videos with just a few clicks of a mouse.

“With the transition to digital TV, there will be a huge increase in demand for this cheap programming this year,” predicts co-founder Davis, EVP/marketing and account service and a 21-year marketing and online industries veteran.

“Most broadcasters will have to triple their previous inventory to fill, as they’re no longer using all their bandwidth as analog,” says Davis.

“Our Showbuilder tool gives them the ability to fill inventory with revenue-generating programming that’s cheap to produce and quick to turnaround.”

Other upcoming cable industry innovations will include ETV “telescoping,” a system that allows viewers to click through a 30-second cable spot to video (VOD) inventories produced by Liquidus.

“An auto dealer running a 30-second commercial can have a tab on screen that allows a curious viewer to click and see videos of the inventory on the dealer’s lot that day.

“This changes the TV set into a direct marketing system, bringing interactivity to TV shopping,” he adds.

Founded in 2001, Liquidus’ breakthrough came in 2004 after Comcast commissioned it to deliver a classified advertising system for the cable provider’s OnDemand service.

“TV people hadn’t touched the classified market ?- worth over $1 billion — because there hadn’t been an affordable way to achieve mass-scale video production and distribution capability,” says Davis.

“Comcast saw that they could take some of the action if they could find a way to cheaply publish video ads on a mass-platform.”