Lindsey directs series of short films for MillerCoors

Seed Media Arts director Jason Lindsey recently shot a series of MillerCoors short films to celebrate people who know what honesty and hard work is all about.

Created by Jacobson/Rost, the six mini-documentaries achieve heartwarming levels of charm from the get-go.

“They wanted stories from people who are committed to quality in the same way that MillerCoors is,” Lindsey explains.

A barley farmer in Colorado, a tea maker in Wisconsin, a Brewers stadium beer vendor and the head the MillerCoors LGBTQ group are among the half-dozen individuals featured in the series. Their testimonials are shot in a Norman Rockwell style and combined with perfect b-roll.

Lindsey says that the sincerity in each piece occurred organically. He had an especially satisfying time filming the barley grower, a second-generation farmer named Kelly who appears in Local Farmers, A Quality Beer Story.

After a lively intro, Local Farmers eases through waves of barley before cutting to an aerial shot of the expansive field. Kelly begins with the words, “I like being a farmer because I can go out and scream at the world and ain’t nobody going to hear me.”

Lindsey, who grew up in a farming community in western Illinois, says that Kelly gave him exactly what he expected.

“You don’t have to coach farmers about authenticity,” he explains. “It just comes out.”


    Agency: Jacobson/Rost

        Creative Director: Jean Purcell

        Producer: Carla Engolf

    Production Company: Seed Media Arts

        Director: Jason Lindsey

        Director of Photography: Justin Gurnari