Lilly Wachowski on why she left Hollywood

(CREDIT: Getty)

Like other big budget productions, The Matrix 4, directed by Lana Wachowski, has shut down until the current Coronavirus pandemic has cleared enough for studios to feel safe to go back into production. The third sequel to 1999’s original blockbuster was co-directed by Wachowski and her sister Lilly.

Lilly is not returning to the co-director’s chair for Matrix 4. Not because she does not like her sister, but because she has made a conscious decision to stay away from Hollywood. This is kind of a bummer to the Wachowski’s fans. While they have never recaptured the success of the first Matrix, the transgender sisters do have solid and loyal fanbase.

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After coming out as a transgender woman, Lilly took a break from filmmaking in the mid-2010s (around the time she and Lana were working on Netflix’s short-lived series Sense8 which was filmed in Chicago).

The Hollywood Reporter asked Lilly what made her take a step back during a recent interview. She explained that it boiled down to navigating the wishes of studio bosses as the landscape of movie making starting to drastically change.

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“I got in when film was at its peak, before boards and marketers found a way to wrangle movies,” Lilly explained. “Eventually, all those people and institutions ended up in the room with you and specifically behind the typewriter and behind the lens and behind the Avid. It created a bit of tension for me personally. I got to this breaking point and I had to walk away.”

Lilly has been writing a lot, including on Showtime’s critically acclaimed Work in Progress.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter