Lexus party tonight is live version of music series


Car company Lexus and the LA office of Chicago-based ad agency, Walton Isaacson, bring a live version of their Latin music focused webseries, “RPM: Reengineering Popular Music” to popular Chicago club Revel tonight at 7 p.m.

“RPM En Vivo” will serve as the official soundtrack release party and episode screening of the series.

Created and directed by Emmy-winning Walton Isaacson Director of Digital Production Blake Vaz, the series takes viewers across the country on a musical journey, exploring and re-imagining different Latin music genres.

Each 10-15-minute documentary-like episode is hosted by Latin pop star and Latin Grammy nominee, Raquel Sofia. With local musicians, who are experts in the genre, they reengineer traditional music with influences of today’s sounds.

Episode Three was filmed in Chicago and features producer Tony Smurphio, from the Miami-based group Afrobeta performing a version of Ricky Martin old song with a new track called, “Con Tu Nombre.”

Vaz is very excited about bringing his show to his hometown of Chicago. “Chicago has a thriving Latin community, a large Mexican community and a growing Puerto Rican community. When we filmed episode three here, we met with a few important figures and learned that jazz and Latin jazz still have a strong presence here.”

He adds, “What’s teresting and inspiring is that there’s a whole new generation of kids here and schools like the Chicago Music Institute who are creating highly trained and talented musicians to feed the scene in Chicago. Go Bulls!”

The show is produced by WI’s in-house production company, MTS, along with Lexus; producers are CEO Aaron Walton and Lexus account director Ayiko Broyard.

See the first four episodes here. The music can also be streamed on Spotify. There’s still time to RSVP for the party here.