Leo B launches funny new Visionworks campaign

Visionworks' 'Air Quotes' by Leo Burnett

Visionworks’ ‘Air Quotes’ by Leo Burnett

’Air Quotes’
‘Imitation Game’
add laughs to
‘new phase of growth’
with help from
actor Karan Soni

Leo Burnett’s new campaign for Visionworks introduces a cast of villainous eye care execs who want to make consumers lives as complex as possible.

Titled, See the Difference, the work employs humor and an Austin Powers style set to show audiences that eye care really doesn’t have to be that difficult. The first creative campaign for Visionworks by Leo Burnett since becoming agency of record in November 2018, it debuted on July 8, running across TV, online video, social, print and radio.

Actor Karan Soni serves as the new face and voice for the campaign, representing the eye care ambassador customers can trust among the other out-of-touch executives.



A new phase of growth
Visionworks’ new brand direction embraces an honest and relatable tone, promising simplicity and transparency in the eye care experience — a welcome change in an otherwise opaque and confusing industry.

“Visionworks is positioning itself for a new phase of growth, establishing our brand as the obvious choice for complete eye care,” said Pete Bridgman, Chief Executive Officer, Visionworks. “We believe that consumers should be able to see the difference in our products, our service, and the eye care experience. Our new brand campaign celebrates that clarity.”


More work on the way
Leo Burnett will also be creating a new visual identity for the Visionworks brand in tandem with new creative work, all featuring the brand’s Love What You See Guarantee: Love How You Look, Love How You See, and a 100-day guarantee to fix your glasses if you don’t love them for any reason.

“Leo Burnett and Visionworks are both in the business of creating human value,” said Britt Nolan, Co-president and Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Chicago. “We’re excited to partner with Visionworks on category-defining creative work, harnessing behavioral insights and reimagining this new era of consumer eye care.”

Eye care represents a competitive arena, with a total U.S. market value of nearly $35 billion. Visionworks consistently ranks among top providers for its quality products and services.

About Visionworks
Visionworks is a leading provider of eye care services with more than 700 retail locations in over 40 states. Visionworks is committed to providing our customers with an exemplary and unrivaled shopping experience with high quality products and services at the best possible value. For more information about Visionworks, click on this.

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