Lakefront Pictures announce completion of Chicago made film The Unseen

The Unseen

Chicago filmmakers Jennifer A. Goodman (also known as Jennifer Karum) and Ryan Atkins, co-founders of Lakefront Pictures, announced they have completed their Indie feature film The Unseen.

The film stars RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad), Christian Stolte (Chicago Fire), Rebekah Kennedy (Law & Order and Criminal Minds), and Jennifer A. Goodman (Conrad, AMC unreleased show.)

The Unseen follows Tommy (RJ Mitte), a recent law school grad who is eager to get out from under the shadow of his abusive alcoholic father, Dan (Mark McCulough), the city’s top criminal attorney. Hired by a small firm, Tommy is given a cold case to research involving a teen girl who was bullied to death ten years before. The deeper he gets into the details of this horrific case, the more Tommy is haunted by demons from his own past. Familiar Pressure, the effects of Bullying, Domestic Violence, and Collective Guilt are hard-edge themes that are prevalent throughout this terrifying tale that takes us on a dramatic journey between the life of a family and the death of a young woman.

Goodman who wrote, produced, and starred in the film said, “It’s a mix of a drama and horror thriller with that perfect mix of suspense and intrigue.”

The Goodman and Atkins production duo reflected on their own personal experience that they brought to the film.

“Throwing the viewer into a chaotic world oozing with tension and suspension creates an opportunity for the dramatic scenes to have a much more emotional impact,” said DP, Atkins. “My personal inspirations and my past experiences, having dealt with rejection from my childhood, have helped motivate me to create shots that reflect this philosophy,” said DP, Atkins.

Goodman also related to being bullied as a kid, “I remember what it was like to just try and fit in, and the challenges set before me as an individual on the autism spectrum, with high anxiety. I could relate to some of the scenes which were easy to write dialogue for, because I remembered my own horrifying experiences.”

Goodman continued, “Elevating unheard voices is a mission of ours as a company, and for this film we strived to bring that theme to life in ways which are shocking, relatable and horrific all at the same time!”

The Unseen was filmed entirely in the Chicago area. The crew worked alongside the local fire and police departments of Homer Glen and Highland Park, locking down streets for high production value scenes.  Goodman was able to secure production space at a law firm location in downtown Chicago.

“The law firm gave us free reign at their firm, and use of the entire floor which was perfect for all we needed,” said Goodman. “It was great, because the law firm was on the same floor as the Goodman Theater Marquee and we were able to capture the magnificence of the city from inside and outside this highrise on Randolph street in the heart of the city!” 

Goodman said they have completed the film and are working on distribution.

“I was honored to be part of a team of people who gave their all on this picture,” said director, Vincent Shade (The Letter). “From the interns to the executives, everyone chipped in to overcome any challenges we faced. This movie was made possible by a uniquely skilled group of people that, after a few days, became a family of filmmakers, with the Chicago crew working alongside the ensemble of incredibly talented actors who are true professionals and artists. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a team like this.”

“I can’t say enough how I much I appreciate our talented cast and crew,” said Goodman. “They brought our story to life and I’m honored to be a part of such a dedicated team.”

Cast list:

  • RJ Mitte
  • Christian Stolte
  • Rebekah Kennedy
  • Jennifer A. Goodman
  • Candice Rose
  • Kristen Jude
  • William Mark McCullough
  • Dan Olson
  • Ava Bianchi
  • Kali Olson
  • Niko El Santo Zavero
  • Martin Davis
  • Kevin Teel
  • Lacianne Carriere
  • Sue Cremin
  • Lindsay Olson
  • Larry Biela
  • Oscar Mansky
  • Kimberly Michelle Vaughn
  • Jon Vangdal Aamaas
  • Sarab Kamoo
  • Kylie Klunder
  • John Victor Allen
  • Sarah Charipar
  • Jessica Bannon
  • Erin Tulley
  • Tyler Malloy
  • Lori Langvis
  • Barbara Sims
  • Julie Zhagnay
  • Fischer Addington
  • Lahnna Addington
  • R. Storm Zaha

Crew list:

  • Jennifer A. Goodman (Karum) – Writer, Producer, Lead Producer, Production Coordinator, Actress
  • Vincent Shade – Director, Producer
  • Ryan Atkins – Director of Photography & Producer 
  • Jordan Ancel – Producer
  • Adam Smestad – Associate Producer 
  • Sarah Quinn – Associate Producer Assistant Production Coordinator 
  • N. Book, C. Miller, E. Churn. R. Singer, J. Yearwood – Executive Producers
  • Chicago Media Angels for the Tax cred
  • Stephen Ruminski – UPM
  • Joe Tello- 1st A.C.
  • Joseph Ford – 2nd A.C
  • Alex Cirillo – Steadicam and Cam operator
  • Jeremy Applebaum –  Gaffer
  • Andrew Calvo – Key Grip
  • Stan Miskiewicz – Grip and 2nd unit gaffer
  • Adam Steiner – Grip/Best Boy
  • James Cole – Grip 
  • Sarah Quinn – Assistant Production Coordinator & Assistant to Jennifer
  • Josh Schilling – 1st AD
  • Ron Kwasman – 2nd AD
  • Caitlin McFadden — 2nd 2nd AD
  • Shannon McKinnon – Production Designer
  • LJ – Set Decorator
  • Sam Hubbard – Art PA
  • Kady Creager – Props Master
  • Maika – Art Intern
  • Ben Lasher – Locations 
  • Matt Heritz – Sound Engineer
  • Andrew Ford – Boom Operator
  • Liz Schroader- Wardrobe Costume Head 
  • Alexis Roston – Wardrobe Assistant
  • Heather Vogt – Makeup Head and SFX
  • Noelle Hetzel – Makeup Assistant
  • Sarah – Make up Assistant 
  • Wren – Crafty Services
  • Karel Ramirez – Crafty PA
  • AC Jones – Crafty PA
  • Adam Smestad – Transportation Talent & BG Coordinator
  • Sarah Quinn – Transportation Assistant 2nd unit 
  • Besse Athens – Covid Supervisor & Registered Nurse
  • Chantelly Johnson – Set Covid Supervisor & Registered Nurse
  • Grayson Reith – DIT
  • Shannon Olivero – Set PA
  • Christian Martinez – Runner PA
  • Justin Mendoza – Runner PA 
  • Patty Bell – BTS Photog
  • Kelli Scarangello – Stunts Coordinator
  • Cheyanne – Stunts
  • Sam Bauer – Editor
  • Ryan Croft – VFX
  • Periscope team 
  • Noisefloor 
  • Josie, Kristian, Jade, Maika – Interns

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