L.A. producer’s seminar on how to make quality films on a shoestring

Veteran L.A. producer-director William Gref? will show clips demonstrating how he created scenes for his low-budget films, vs. how much money Hollywood would have spent for the same effects at a special seminar hosted by the Chicago Academy of Visual Arts.

Gref? will be in Chicago Feb. 21 conducting a seminar called “Quality Filmmaking on a Shoestring Budget,” at 676 N. LaSalle, after heading up a workshop for the New York International Independent Film Festival and the wrap of his latest feature film.

“We felt Bill’s seminar was worth repeating because Chicago is an independent film town now,” said Helena Sun, CAVA co-founder with Man Sung Sun. “People were really thrilled with him last time he spoke here. He has a tremendous wealth of information that our filmmakers will find invaluable.”

Gref? is an all-around filmmaker with a reputation for controlling budgets while delivering quality films ? more than 25, in fact. He’s worked as writer, producer, director, executive production, studio executive and distribution.

In 1996, he was invited to speak on film financing and distribution at the Festival International des Films and Fouitietons de Television de Nice based on his best selling book and video “Film Financing.”

Based on the popularity of Gref?’s last visit, Sun advises early registration since attendance is limited to seating. Fee for the 9-5 p.m. seminar, including lunch, is $50, $40 for IFP or former CAVA students. Call 312/440-8963 or Email cava@smsprod.com.