L.A. editor D’Andre to Red Car here

Red Car editor Marc D’Andre wanted a change from L.A. and let it be known around the water cooler that he was looking to move. “Somebody heard me and the next thing I knew they had sent my reel to Chicago and here I am,” he said.

California native D’Andre, who arrived here four months ago, started out as an assistant to Superior Assembly’s Jim Haygood (“Fight Club,” “Panic Room,” “The Game” for director David Fincher).

He joined Red Car L.A. as a commercial editor in January 2003. He has a degree in film production from Loyola Marymount and likes to shoot and act on the side.

In L.A. he cut “lots of Mattel,” plus MasterCard, Nissan, Taco Bell and more. “Since I’ve been here I’ve cut KFC and Nintendo, fairly cool work so far,” he noted. Settled into Lincoln Park digs, D’Andre said “the town itself I love ? so much to do and great places to eat ? but I’ve had to invest in Lip Balm and moisturizer for the first time.”