Leo and Kraft are thankful for Mac & Cheese


Kraft Mac & Cheese
launched a
preemptive strike
against all the
weird foods we eat
on Thanksgiving

How was your Thanksgiving? The Reel Chicago team is still recovering from fried turkey and lots of nuts, but we did manage to check out some spots and videos that caught our attention.

This one from Kraft Heinz and Chicago’s Leo Burnett definitely appealed to our gastronomic sensibilities as we were at a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner. Kraft Heinz and its longtime AOR Burnett have decided to have some fun with Thanksgiving traditions while promoting its gooey yellow pasta and cheese(?) as an alternative for the tykes who turn their noses up at brussel sprouts or candied yams.

Directed by Chicago-based Tessa Films’ Tim Mason, the 1:31 minute video promotes the hashtag, ‘#ThankfulForMacNCheese.’ Here, we open on a smirky woman (whose delivery is reminiscent of Kimmy Schmidt’s Jane Krakowski) sitting at a busy Thanksgiving table. While dinner is being served, she spouts out, “Oh! Corn in the form of pudding!” From there, she begins to address “Grandparents, Great aunts, cousins and family friends” about “things that we eat one day a year that seem totally weird the other 364.”

However, when it comes to kids, the food offerings such as “cranberry sauce in the shape of a can” seems weird all the time. Face it, they are weird. Except my mom’s sweet potato casserole. That’s why for this Thanksgiving, Kraft is encouraging parents to bring Kraft Mac & Cheese to the table so everyone can enjoy a painless, sweat-pants wearing celebration. Have a look:



The video has an SNL flair to it which is not a bad thing. In fact, like the video it’s a really good thing. According to a Kraft Heinz study, 75% of American families claim to have at least one picky eater at home. So why argue with them when there is Kraft Mac & Cheese? Makes so much sense, when there are way better things to argue about like politics. Kidding.

Client – Kraft Heinz
   SVP Global Brands: Michelle St. Jacques
   Director Brand Building Kraft Masterbrand: Sergio Eleuterio

Agency: Leo Burnett
   Chief Creative Officer: Britt Nolan
   Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jordan Doucette
   Associate Creative Director: Matt McCabe
   Senior Producer: Britt Godsell
   Account Director: Abby Allsop
   Senior Account Executive: Wilhelm Lawrence

Production Company: Tessa Films
   Director: Tim Mason
   Executive Producer: Lisa Masseur
   Line Producer: Sydney Thomson
   Editor: Gus Spelman

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