Kirkpatrick to CRC; Sturm retires after 27 years

Foote Kirkpatrick, as legendary in the music business as Universal Recording, of which she was an integral part for 20 years, is back in the recording business after too long an absence.

She joined Chicago Recording by popular acclaim of many of CRC’s engineers who had previously worked with her at long-gone but not forgotten Universal.

Kirkpatrick was coincidentally hired after the retirement of studio manager Jo Sturm, who spent a record 27 years at CRC (a record these days for any person or company). Studio manager is now Chris Shephard.

Kirkpatrick’s official title is still unsettled, but will reflect her producing and scheduling duties. “I’ll definitely be involved in selling,” she said.

More recently, Kirkpatrick was a partner in Mike Pendowski Music.

Ironically, Sturm once worked for Universal when it first opened Studio 8, a small recording studio in the Prudential Building to service the many agencies there at the time. Sturm has returned to her family in Atlanta.

Kirkpatrick’s phone at CRC is 312/822-9333.