Kartemquin board names new executive director

Kartemquin Films has appointed current associate director Justine Nagan to succeed co-founder Gordon Quinn as executive director of the 42-year old producer of socially relevant films.

Quinn, 66, will assume the new position of creative director and will devote time to producing and directing documentaries.

“I believe we could not have found a better person for the job,” said Quinn in announcing the appointment.

Nagan, 29, has worked full time at the documentary house for the past four years and helped to expand its distribution and partnerships with other independent media and educational groups.

She is the staff representative on Kartemquin’s board of directors.

Nagan also has worked on several recent Kartemquin docs, including producer/director of “Typeface,” a film in progress and coproducing “An All American City,” a film on religious pluralism in America.

In announcing the appointment, Quinn noted that Nagan has “a real commitment to lead Kartemquin into the future and an interest in the administrative and managerial tasks that keep an organization sound. I expect that she will be revitalizing our policies and procedures, something that is long overdue.”

Nagan received a BA in film and journalism from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She produced spos for public television and worked for various production companies.