Joone Studios offers space at budget rates

Chicago filmmakers Jayme Joyce, a writer/producer and Jessica Christopher, cofounder of makeup/effects company Cirque De Face FX, met last year at the Sundance Film Festival and found they had a common ambition and aesthetic.

“We shared of vision of building an indie-focused new media production company in Chicago that was both inspiring and affordable,” says writer/producer Joyce.

“Committed to providing other independent filmmakers access to great crew, space and ideas, we decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and dove head first into creating what is now Joone Studios.”

Located in Wicker Park, Joone Studios has a 550-sq. ft. shooting stage with a 14-foot lighting grid and 20×10-ft. green screen.

“We want to keep the rates reasonable,” Joyce says, “partly out of necessity, being a new space, but also in offering other indie filmmakers and producers on a budget the space to create.”

The studio rents for $150/day plus $50/day for the green screen and $50/day for the green room, or $15/hour, $20/hour including green room.

“The concept is to use the studio to keep collaborating with other filmmakers and build up revenue and equipment through our business clients by planting ourselves in the current of new media,” Joyce says.

“Of course, ultimately, we plan to keep our eyes on the prize of producing feature length films in Chicago.”