John Storyk designed Vagabond Audio to assure ‘clients hear the mix, not the room’

After graduating from Full Sail, engineer Drew Weir had the opportunity to intern with famous studio architect John Storyk’s New York firm. Years later, Weir hired Walters-Storyk Design Group to design his new Vagabond Audio studio.

“Drew is extremely talented and technically savvy, and we had a great time collaborating on his dream studio,” says Storyk, a TEC award-winning architect.

Vagabond Audio, specialists in sound design, recording and mixing for commercials, has been buzzing with business since opening a few months ago. “Our new studio was designed to meet all of Drew’s creative needs and to make our clients as comfortable as possible,” says partner/producer Rise Stevens.

Its primary technology is the Digidesign HD2 Accel Pro Tools system that enables Weir to interface seamlessly with Avid workstations and other offline environments.

Vagabond co-owners sound designer Drew Weir and producer Rise Stevens.

Studio software operates on a 2gig, Dual Processor Mac G5 with digital picture lock up via Avid Express. Mixing is accomplished with Digidesign Pro Control with audio playback on Dynaudio Air 6 speakers and a 42-inch plasma display.

“Our SNS Fiber Drive system stores thousands of instantly accessible sound effects and samples,” Weir says, “totally eliminating the need to shuffle through CDs. Final mixes are available in DAT, DVD and CD formats, as well as via the Internet on our FTP site.

“The sound of the studio was the critical issue for us. We worked closely with John and his WSDG team to keep the studio as ?transparent’ as possible so that clients hear the mix, not the room. We’re particularly happy with our 10×12-foot live room, which is ideal for voiceover, Foley and ADR work,” Weir adds.

“We’re thrilled with the way Vagabond looks, feels and sounds,” notes Stevens. “It’s already helping Drew create and mix some of the best work of his career.”

Vagabond Audio is located at 445 E. Illinois, Suite 351; phone, 312/ 371 5772.