John Ovnik’s Deaf Dog creates a total music identity package for entire Fox Network

After Labor Day the total L.A.-based Fox Network will introduce its new identity/image music that was composed and produced over the last three months by John Ovnik’s Deaf Dog Music company.

Through a former Chicago client now the network’s director of creative services, Ovnik was invited last spring to compete against six well-known national music houses for the very large and complex identity package.

“We submitted the demos May 12 and got the job three weeks later,” he said. Delivery was Labor Day.

The project involved 28 different musical versions, covering all program categories, including prime time shows, news, afternoon sitcoms, sports and special events.

“We had to do it with different station numbers so the versions piled up,” Ovnik said. “It was a good job to have when advertising’s been so slow.”

The package was recorded in his River North studio with a horn section of five, a four-person rhythm section and a synthesist.

Deaf Dog Music is at 600 N. Orleans; phone, 312/ 944-4870. See