Jimmy Fallon leads new State Farm campaign


State Farm’s newest creative effort, The Right Kind of Magic, conceived and developed by Highdive, features Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who will also act as a creative collaborator. The star-studded campaign is the Bloomington, Illinois-based insurer’s largest in recent memory.

While the brand has never shied away from names, its focus lately has been on its NFL partnership featuring spokesman Jake (Chicago’s Kelvin Mimms) along with Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and New York Jets’ Aaron Rodgers.

“’Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there’ is at the heart of our brand and our mission to help,” says Kristyn Cook, Chief Agency, Sales and Marketing Officer for State Farm. “Our new campaign uses this recognizable brand asset to tell our story. And by collaborating with top celebrities and athletes, our brand can show up at the intersection of sports and culture. That’s where the ‘magic’ happens.”

Here, the new work from Highdive – which was awarded creative four months ago – shines with a talented ensemble, including Fallon, Hip Hop artist and Fast and Furious star Ludacris, and Iowa Hawkeyes’ Caitlin Clark. Leveraging the charisma of these personalities adds a layer of entertainment and relatability, enhancing the overall appeal.

The first two spots launching as part of this campaign include:

You’re Joking airing Thanksgiving Day – A teenage girl yells, “Are you joking?” when her dad gifts her a new car, which causes none other than comedian and late night host Jimmy Fallon to appear. Jimmy realizes they don’t need jokes; they need help with new car insurance and sings the State Farm jingle to make Jake from State Farm magically appear.

This Is Ludacrous (airing Friday, Nov. 24)- When a couple comes home to find their faucet is on the fritz and flooding their kitchen they yell out, “This is ludicrous!”, which makes world renowned rapper and actor Ludacris appear. Ludacris agrees the whole situation is in fact ludicrous, but he can’t help, so he sings the State Farm jingle to summon someone who can, Jake from State Farm.

“The State Farm jingle is iconic and more relevant than ever. We’re thrilled to help bring it back in a way that we know people will relate to in their everyday situations,” said Chad Broude, co-founder and co-chief creative officer at Highdive. “More than a jingle, State Farm commercials educate people about insurance and the value of the agent to help them recover from the unexpected.”

Highdive’s strategic decision to resurrect the iconic jingle, aided by famous faces singing along, not only taps into nostalgia but also creates a viral opportunity, aligning well with modern social media trends. The pacing is generally well-managed, with moments of humor and emotion strategically placed.

State Farm’s The Right Kind of Magic campaign successfully revitalizes its brand with a mix of nostalgia, star power, and strategic storytelling.

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