Jeffrey DeChausse sows in with Seed


French / American
director and
artist combines
documentary style
with a strong
performance background

Emmy-winning filmmaker Jeffrey DeChausse has signed on to work with his long time friend, Roy Skillicorn, owner / EP of Seed Media Arts. Jeffrey was raised in Detroit, Michigan, and in the Loire valley in France, where he worked and lived with his family in the French carnival. He is a strategic thinker and idea cultivator who has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, from Fortune 500 companies to several startups. He is passionate about storytelling and that is evident throughout his work.

“Jeffrey is a true ‘interdisciplinary artist,’” says Skillicorn. “As a seasoned commercial director, he draws from several roles within his aesthetic career. Being a creative director, designer, writer and fine artist allows his craftsmanship and artistic sense to shape beautiful cinematic imagery within thought provoking messaging.”

“We are very excited about his strong docu-style and performance work and elated with his recently developed, visually engaging automotive work,” he adds.



Having the knowledge from both sides of the business, as an agency creative director, and on the production side as a director and producer, Jeffrey comes to the table with a broad knowledge and understanding of production. His broad experience in international media production, even through post, contributes to a full understanding of bidding and securing offshore opportunities.



His likable disposition fosters genuine and sincere human performances from talent and makes him easy to work with. All this, and Jeffrey’s successful track record of streamlining production while leading and motivating teams across diverse genres and work environments, is what attracted Skillicorn.

“As an adroit storyteller, he not only establishes authenticity and emotion but adeptly brings about a cinematic film quality to each project. I know his work will resonate with our most passionate and inspired clients,” adds Kris Mathur, Seed’s EP.

DeChausee’s Clients include Apple, Lexus, Toyota, Maven, Jeep, New Balance, Fidelity, ADT, Intel,, Waterwipes, UBS, First Citizens Bank, Blue Cross, Pabst Blue Ribbon, BofA, Northern Trust, Budweiser, Laugh Lounge and Samsung.

Headquartered in Chicago with offices in LA, Seed produces exceptional commercial content created by distinctive filmmakers that we connect to brands. Ownership and management is savvy and experienced while the roster is young, nimble and artistic. Seed’s award-winning directorial talent includes Erin Sax, Hans Emanuel, Jason Lindsey, Rick Wayne, Corey Rich, George Mays, Gabriel Borrgetto, Magellan, Jeffrey DeChausse and Anthony Pietromonaco, For more information call Roy at 312-925-3679 or visit our site.

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