ISA brings TV Weekend’s Master Series to Chicago

For all the Chicago Writers who crave to write TV, an important weekend is about to happen, brought to them by Los Angeles-based the International Screenwriters’ Association.

Founded by award-winning Chicago native and filmmaker, Craig James Pietrowiak, the renowned screenwriting organization is bringing their Masters Series Seminar “TV Weekend: From Concept to Studio Deal” to Chicago on May 5, 2017.

The seminar, dubbed “TV Weekend,” will include vital discussions for writers attempting to break into the industry including breaking down story, pitching a pilot, and building a TV career within the Chicago film industry as well as Hollywood.

Craig James

Writers will get to hear valuable intel from top Hollywood screenwriting coaches, Jen Grisanti, Lee Jessup, Corey Mandell, and ISA’s Max Timm, along with pitch panel executives from the Chicago film industry, including Producer Angie Gaffney, TV Producer and Award Winning writer Craig J. Harris (“Chicagoland”, “The First 48”), Producer Matt Abramson (“Teachers”), VP Talent Development and Outreach at Nickelodeon, Karen Kirkland, and Co-Founder of The Onion, Scott Dikkers.

The weekend is sponsored by Nickelodeon, Creative Cypher, IFP Chicago, Final Draft and Moviemaker Magazine.

An excited Pietrowiak described the importance of the weekend for Chicago writers, “I may live in LA now, but my heart beats CHICAGO! We’re thrilled to be sharing TV Weekend with this city’s filmmakers and writers. It takes a lot to break into this industry, but if you have a passion for film and TV, then keep developing as a storyteller and never give up. The ISA is happy to be contributing to the growth of writing careers through this seminar and our many resources.”

Jen GrisantiPietrowiak, an award-winning writer, director and producer (and avid CUBS fan) grew up on the north side of the Windy City as well as the Vernon Hills suburbs and graduated from Northern Illinois University. After his TV pilot “Wrigleyville” was noticed by a major Hollywood agency, which lead to literary representation, Pietrowiak moved west where he chose to stay. After some time in LA, finding difficulty in uncovering helpful resources to develop the craft, he started the ISA in 2008 to make it easier for screenwriters to find the tools necessary to launch their career.

Career Coach Lee Jessup says, “I love the ISA! [They are] great people who are working so hard for writers, to make writers’ lives better, to provide more information, and to provide more opportunities.”

ISA Masters Series TV Weekend: “From Concept to Studio Deal” will take place May 5-7, 2017 at Columbia College Film Row Cinema. For details regarding seminar registration or other ISA events click here. You can also follow the ISA on Twitter @networkISA.

LA-Based Colin Costello writes for film, TV, advertising and of course, Reel Chicago. Follow him on Twitter @colincostello10.