Independent Production Roundup

THE COMEDY “ALLEYBALL,” co-written by director Dan Consiglio and actor and “Alleyball” star Johnny Ray Meeks, starts filming June 18 on Chicago locations.

The story revolves around Stuart (Meeks) at a bittersweet crossroads when his girlfriend leaves for a two-month job in Portland. Instead of a carefree summer of hanging out with his buddies, he is threatened with the dark cloud of “maturity.”

Producer John Yaworsky has gathered an impressive L.A. cast of experienced TV and feature performers: Keegan-Michael Key of MadTV; Danny McCarthy (“Derailed,” “Proof,” “Amityville Horror);” Joel Spencer(“Blackhawk Down”); Ty Norwich, indie film and episodic TV performer and Larry Joe Campbell (Andy in “According to Jim”), negotiated by Donald Simon of Entertainment Law Chicago.

See; Yaworski’s phone 773/465-5449.

LAUREN B. FISCHER’S script “Wish I Might” won the first IFP/Chicago ScriptWorks competition, entitling the screenplay to the ScriptWorks treatment: they’ll produce a staged reading of “Wish I Might,” scheduled for August.

“Wish I Might” is a modern day fairy tale about a pair of lovesick teenage stepsisters and their fairy godmother, who’s anxious for retirement.

Fischer is an editor for the Journal of the American Medical Association. See

ROSIE GOLDBERG’S feature “Bloom” was selected as a grant winner of the Women in Film Foundation Film Finishing Fund. Hers was one of only nine projects to receive funding out of more than 100 entries from over 18 states and two countries. General Motors provides the awards.


JAMES W. BOINSKI has locked picture on his debut feature “Legit” from Kitchen Productions. Scoring, sound mix and effects are ongoing. Boinski stars as a mobster trying to go straight and open a legitimate business after he’s shot making his rounds.

Boinski wrote the script with fellow producers John Stemberg and Richard Strimer. Aaron Brians edited. Doug Carter is composing. DP was Brian Levin. Featuring Allen Kalfas, Angie Schoofs, Norm Boucher, Stemberg and Strimer. See

Clifton Davis

ACTOR CLIFTON DAVIS was signed by William Pierce and Neil Luspo’s indie comedy, “My Phamily BBQ, Too.” HD production starts July 15 in Chicago. Davis, an actor, singer, composer, talk show host, producer and minister, is best known for his long on the popular TV series, “Amen.”

Urban Multimedia Entertainment is Pierce and Luspo’s company; Jim White is executive producer on “Phamily.” He is also executive producer on the $10 million feature, “Mahalia!” the rags-to-riches story of the world’s greatest gospel singer. Urban recently received a $300,000 loan from the state treasurer’s Lights, Camera, Illinois! loan program. Online edit and audio finish at Post Effects.

YASMINA CADIZ, was one of five winners of the Women in Film Latina New Filmmaker Grant presented at the June 10 awards dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Cadiz wrote, produced and directed the short “Mama Said,” a selection of six film festivals. A co-founder of, she’s currently working on “Twelve Signs,” based on 12 interwoven stories with an astrological theme.

CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS principals Matthew Zatkoff, Teresa Becvar and Alex Kercheval are nearing the end of post-production on their six-years-in-the-making, 35mm low-budget sci-fi opus “Something Missie: In the Life of Jordan Bank.”

“Something Missie” is the story of a lonely geneticist caring for his ailing mother, who creates a companion for himself. The project, naturally, goes horribly wrong. The three filmmakers each took on multiple positions and executed extensive construction and effects work utilizing minimal resources. Married Indiana natives, Zatkoff and Becvar graduated from the Art Institute and University of Chicago, respectively. See

Christopher Nolen

ANNETTE GALLOWAY of Diverciti Productions wrapped principal photography on the urban thriller “The Ultimate Betrayal.” Galloway stars with Christopher Nolen, David Newman (“Barbershop 2”), Roxxiane Cooley and Tenique Mathieu (“The Guiding Light”). DP is David Spearman. Music by Rob Diggy Morrison. SFX by Matt Stratton. Galloway directed the hip hop horror feature “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie.” Email

THOMAS SIGMON of Creative Control Filmworks is in pre-production on his debut feature, “Reversal,” about a 170-year-old man aging in reverse. DP is Martino Hernandez (“Daughters of the Concrete”). Line Producer, Mark Armstrong (“Chickenhead Bound”). AD, Matt Kubinski (“The Bleakest”). Email

DEREK DOW is directing his first feature, the youth drama “Family Values.” for Love Above All Productions. Dow directed the short “What’s Real” and acted in Mark Armstrong’s hip hop farce “Chickenhead Bound.” Email

Caren Evers

CAREN EVERS directs her own script of the digital short “Complimentary Nuts” this September. “Complimentary Shorts” is the story of two women, longtime friends contrasting their dating woes. Evers, a script reader and event coordinator for Chicago ScriptWorks, is developing a feature script based on her previous directorial effort, the short “4 Women.” See

DAVID W. JOHNSON shoots the 30-minute short “The Dark” this August. Rodney T. Brand is producing through their Show-Case Productions. Johnson and Brand are the team responsible for the indie features “Severed Ties” (2002), “Anima DVoid” (2000) and “Just Between Friends” (1998). See

PAULA FROEHLE wrapped production on her IFP/Chicago Production Fund-winning short “Up on the Rope.” She shot at Resolution Digital Studios.

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