Important outlets for the sale and distribution of short films to feed the need of new media

Now that we’ve concluded that there are a growing number of venues for short films, a paradigm shift in the way we think about producing shorts is past due.

Forget feature film festivals and their short subject addenda. Right now, the most important thing to focus on?as you produce a short?is its intended market.

Fortunately, even if you can’t decide, there’s a company you can look into. Founded by Jon Nash in 2001, Tigris Films of Hollywood specializes in distributing short films to buyers ranging from Spain’s Morphe Arte and Italy’s Village SRL to Denver’s Frontier Airlines. It operates as sales agent for short filmmakers and as consultants for film bookers and programmers.

More importantly, although begun independently, Tigris is the parent company of both Big Film Shorts and Nano TV as well as the co-sponsor of Frontier’s monthly Cloud 9 shorts festival.

Big Film Shorts

The oldest of the three partners, Big Film Shorts has been in the shorts distribution business since 1996. They buy shorts of all genres, lengths, and national origins from the experimental to the mainstream, including dramas and genre pieces, but especially comedies, gay-themed and animated shorts shot on film or video. That means that there’s plenty of competition.