McGarry helps Oscar Mayer debut Ice Dog Sandwich

Ice Dog Sandwich

Ice Dog Sandwich

The cold-cut giant
will offer samples
of its new treat
while rolling
through Manhattan
in the

Fueled by gastronomic inspiration (and a little bit of provocation) from recent developments in condiment-flavored frozen deserts, Oscar Mayer has announced that it will debut a cold and robust new treat, the Ice Dog Sandwich, in August.

Partnering with imaginative New York City hand-made ice cream company il laboratorio del gelato, the cold-cut giant plans to trick out its legendary Wienermobile as an ice cream truck and offer samples of the tasty new portmanteau while rolling through Manhattan.

The Chicago office of advertising agency mcgarrybowen is helping to fuel the sensation.

The original, never-before-eaten flavors of the Ice Dog include hot dog-infused ice cream with bits or real candied Oscar Mayer hot dog, and spicy mustard ice cream. The flavors are sandwiched between two One Girl Cookies.

Oscar Mayer also reimagined its historic Wiener Jingle as an ice cream truck song.

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