I-Cubed wants to be seen a’new

Arturo by Dennis Manarchy

Photographer Dennis Manarchy pulled out all stops to dramatically capture partners Arturo Cubacub and Mark Adler, and new colorist Mark Matusek in a daring three-fold, pull-out advertising insert in the February issue of Creativity magazine.

Arturo credits Manarchy for coming up with the unusual portraits and the idea of boldly colorizing them with what looks like the broad stroke of a brush. “The photos are out the realm of what Dennis usually does, and different than any advertising we’ve done in the past,” said Arturo. “We’ve been kind of in the background and we felt it was time to make a statement with a new advertising approach.”

Simple copy on the back page reiterates I-Cubed’s “active integration” philosophy, citing it as “a process among editorial, color, graphics, design and engineering.” “Creativity is not found on the assembly line,” the copy reads. “It is the alchemy that ? pushes boundaries into uncharted territories.”???

I-Cubed ordered 30,000 pre-printed copies for magazine insertions and to use as company promotion pieces.