Hootenanny’s Metzger directs Network Health VFX spots

Hootennany director/editor Graham Metzger

Hootenanny editor/designer Graham Metzger can add “director” to his list of accomplishments, having directed three broadcast spots for Network Health of Wisconsin, via Chicago agency AE Marketing Group.

The current campaign marks the third round of an “animated world style” of spots that Metzger helmed for the Madison-based healthcare company, in collaboration with the agency, and also directed the visual effects, graphics and edited the package. 

“The agency has given me incredible trust and creative freedom,” he says.    

“In this campaign, we hand-animated the characters, two actors per spot,” he says, which began last August when he directed the four day live talent shoot in Madison.  He has worked on Network Health since the campaign began in 2013, editing and designing three prior broadcast packages; this was his second directorial assignment.

Madison-based ProVideo & Film was the production company; producer, Matt Cowden.  At Hootenanny, Don Avila was executive producer; Jim Annerino, partner/Flame designer, VFX; Eddie Loera, Flame assistant/VFX artist and Christina Bolanos, assistant editor. Justin Mayer of Hoffman Sound’s Justin Mayer was the mixer and sound designers. Character animation by This is Mythic in Milwaukee.