‘Homeless Youth: An Invisible Crisis’ tonight on NBC 5 Chicago

NBC 5 Chicago will be airing a special, one-hour presentation titled Homeless Youth: An Invisible Crisis, featuring real life stories of survival for today’s Chicago youth and young adults with a focus on how the traditional definition of “homeless” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Premiering Saturday, July 29 at 6:00 PM CT on NBC 5 ChicagoHomeless Youth: An Invisible Crisis will feature several eye-opening stories by NBC 5 Chicago / Telemundo Chicago reporter Sandra Torres who reveals many of today’s homeless youth are not necessarily living on the streets of Chicago or in shelters.

Homeless Youth

The special features numerous interviews and exclusive footage that detail today’s survival tactics of these individuals which now have them couch surfing from place-to-place, living with other family members outside of their traditional home, or even temporarily living in hotels.

Homeless Youth also takes a deep dive into how this evolving crisis affects the entire family unit, along with the potential psychological impact it may have on children, teenagers, and young adults as they try to find a permanent residence in the Chicago area.


Photographed/edited by NBC 5 Chicago’s Greg Sanchez.

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