Hogan wins nod for 4th term as union business manager

At its meeting Monday night, members of Local 476 Studio Mechanics nominated, without opposition, business manager Mark Hogan, to his fourth consecutive three-year term in the organization he’s belonged to and served for four decades. 

President Brad Matthys and vice-president Joe Connelly also were nominated, unopposed, so they too will retain their positions when the local holds its official election on Dec. 14.

“I sincerely thank the officers and our hard-working, skilled members, who have made us look good and are entrusting me with another three years at the helm,” Hogan says. 

The voting demonstrated support for Hogan-Matthys-Connelly leadership during the past four years, which are considered to be the best years of business for Local 476 in its 84-year history. “There’s no comparison as to where we were when I took on the job of business manager in 2003,” Hogan says.  

And the winners are... business manager Mark Hogan and president Brad MattysThe largest of Chicago’s seven film-related IATSE unions, Local 476, since 2013 has increased membership 33 percent, from 900 to 1,200, with members working steadily. Hogan anticipates even greater upswing to derive from a surge in TV series.

To keep the momentum going, Hogan says the top item on his plans for his new term “is to get the tax incentive back in shape.” He is also hopes to persuade studio owners to build more stages “because we’re going to need them” and to create more parking space for vehicles.

Local 476 officials who also retained their positions are Dick Oakes, recording secretary; Tony Barracca and Harry Haase, executive board members; Ted Corso, Larry Hammer and Chris Collar, trustees, and Timothy Tiedje, sergeant at arms.

Running for reelection are board members Jim Dewinski and David Chamerski and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John Kenny.

Currently filming in Chicago are continuing seasons of Fox’ hit “Empire,” NBC Universal’s “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Med,” Common’s Fox/Showtime “The Chicago Project” pilot, quarterly filming for Showtime’s “Shameless,” an abundance of commercials, and talk of new shows, spinoffs and pilots.