Hockey doc ready to air when NHL standoff ends

The contentious National Hockey League lockout has put a lock on possible sales of a nostalgic doc to broadcast outlets, but the 80-minute “Hockey’s Greatest Era” available on DVD should satisfy fans’ craving until/if the season resumes.

Two years in the making, the $100,000 doc was created by Salt Lake City-based Endeavor Productions in conjunction with Chicago producer Gary Crawford of MPC MarketLink, a veteran TV/video producer.

Detroit Red Wings forward Darren McCarty narrates the 80-minute doc.

“Hockey’s Greatest Era” revolves around NHL’s “Original Six” teams (Chicago, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Boston and Detroit) which flourished from the first season in 1942 until 1967.

It includes more than 30 interviews of stars and witness from that golden age, combined with historical footage, stills and a collection of radio interviews.

The NHL lockout has delayed commitments for airing, but even so, Crawford is confident that commitments pending from Chicago’s Ch. 11 for April 17, and stations in New York, Denver, the Bay Area and Tampa will come through.

“The station’s plan is to air the show throughout the playoffs, if there are any this year,” said Crawford, who is not unduly concerned about immediate air dates since “the show is history and is great viewing anytime.”

Meanwhile, “Hockey’s Greatest Era” as DVD can be purchased online for $19.99 including shipping and handling at or Best Buy carries it in Michigan and should be introducing it to Chicago. Crawford said 1,500 units have been sold since the doc was released last month.

Crawford’s phone is 312/765-0554.