With his subject on the run, Oscar nominee Tod Lending is at the edge of completing his latest doc

Grants of $125,000 from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and $107,000 from ITVS will cover Tod Lending finishing costs of “Aimee’s Crossing.”

But there’s an obstacle. Oscar-nominated Lending needs subject Aimee Myers to emerge from hiding in order to finish the film’s narration.

“She made phone contact with her family and her parole officer,” Lending explained. “She said she’s tired of running.”

Lending has followed Myers through the criminal justice system for the past few years, charting her progress and her backsliding as she endeavors to turn her life around after a history of drug problems and brushes with the law.

“Aimee has been incredibly open and intimate with me in telling her story,” Lending said. “It’s been really difficult to see her struggle with her issues and take one step forward and two steps back. I believe that at some point she’ll turn it around. Hopefully it will be sooner than later,” he said.

“The power of this story is its examination of a girl who represents the majority of girls who are being locked up today, in terms of her history of trauma and abuse and mental illness.”

Lending is shooting on HD with Sid Lubitsch and editing with Martin Nelson and onlining on his own system at his Nomadic Pictures. Skywalker Sound is mixing and Lending regular Sheldon Mirowitz is composing the score.

The ITVS grant means “Aimee’s Crossing” is bound for PBS, which will determine the venue for the film’s broadcast premiere.