Hillinger’s new pumped-up action “Paintball” 46-show series seeks crews to shoot October games

Leave it to Adrenalin TV’s daredevil Duke Hillinger to come up with the next big rage in action sports. You couldn’t guess what it is in a hundred years?unless you’re one of the 20 million (you read that right) avid fans of paintball games.

Now the games will be aired in a very big way. In fact, Hillinger’s Paintball Television Productions’ (PTP) deal with Superstation WGN is the biggest deal in paintball history.

PTP’s 46 hourlong “World Paintball League” will air in every city in 39 countries.

“This will finally put paintball on the map!” Hillinger said with his signature high energy. “I’ve played and filmed just about every extreme sport in the world and there is nothing like paintball to get your adrenaline revved up again and again and again. Twenty million worldwide paintball players can’t be wrong!”

League play starts airing in November and Hillinger is seeking personnel for eight-person crews to shoot the games in October.

The first five shows, already aired, highlighted the development of the “World Paintball League” (WPL) with host Heather Tindell whom Hillinger discovered working for Fox.

The League is a three-conference professional Paintball League, comprised of 24 teams from across the U.S. and Canada.

Professional teams are fed by the 216 minor league “Ultimate Arena Paintball League.”

Hillinger described the games as “the ultimate game of tag or capture the flag.” Three three-member teams battle it out with markers filled with paint pellets traveling 200 mph in a 50×100-foot cage. There are seven games in a match.

In “American Idol” fashion, the best UAPL players and teams are showcased each week as they battle their way up towards the WPL playoffs and league supremacy.

Besides Hillinger, PTP principals are executive producer Larry Sexton, an Emmy-winning editor and master of editing multi-camera shows, and Milt Call, owner of two professional paintball teams. Sexton edited the first four “League” shows.

PTP is working out of the offices of Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions, which supplied HD cameras and cameraman Frank Hanes, and the editing services of Dave Burkett and Sean Strimple.

Hillinger can be reached at 847/903-7868; Email duke@adrenalinetv.com. See www.uapl.tv.