Havas makes bold statements with two lobby installations

Artist Lauren Asta at work in Havas lobby

Artist Lauren Asta at work in Havas lobby

According to San Francisco-based muralist and artist Lauren Asta, art creates an emotional connection within us. She states on her website that art, “allows us to pay attention and to be connected to it and thus be connected with others. I want my time here in this life to be special and meaningful.”

Havas Chicago is now hoping to bring that to light as they have commissioned Asta to create an exciting new installation for their lobby.

Feeling slightly inspired by Keith Haring and even Prince, the installation is a bold, energetic mural combining Asta’s trademark doodle and street art with statements that are inherent to Havas such as “Flex your hustle,” “Lost in da sauce,” “Leave your mark,” and “Flip the script.”

Asta explained her approach to the project which began December 4th. “I really wanted to push some boundaries. Literally and physically. I knew this could be a perfect opportunity to experiment with color,” she said. “So, I thought playing with the idea of ‘ripping away/pulling away’ the black and white layer revealing an ‘overflow’ of color ‘excited to come out and play’ would be perfect for this project.”

Lauren Asta
Lauren Asta

Jason Peterson, chairman and chief creative officer of Havas, shared Asta’s excitement. “I love Lauren Asta. Her work is symbolic of giving kids crayons and telling them to write on the wall. It’s a sprawling piece and an artistic way to announce our lobby renovation. Our employees have to walk through that creative environment everyday on their way to create something awesome.”

According to Asta, she combined various old-school television themes, with her classic style, delivering a “cool” homage to the advertising elements of Havas.

“The Japanese characters/words on the tv sumo twins translates to ‘hustle’ and ‘flex.’ I know a common word used at Havas is hustle,” she explained. “I started playing with the phrase ‘flex your hustle’ this summer and I think it works perfectly! The blue Japanese Kanji translates to “ikiɡai” which means ‘reason for living’ doing art/murals in public spaces and making people inspired/happy is my reason for living.”

Asta plans to finish by the 13th.

Installation to fight Net Neutrality

The second installation is very timely and important as it speaks to Net Neutrality.

Titled, #SaveNetNeutrality, the agency has set up a up Calling Booth where anyone can visit from 9-5 until December 14.

Developed by creative directors Anna Russett and Chelsea Berger, the two have created this remarkable installation for those concerned with allowing Internet Service Providers decide what sites and apps can load faster or slower not to mention censorship, can contact Congress to ask them to publicly oppose the FCC’s plan to repeal.

Havas' lobby windows
Havas’ lobby windows

“As a social-first agency, Net Neutrality and the freedom it provides on the Internet is extremely important to a business like Havas,” Berger told The Reel. “We use the Internet every day to share stories and information, and I don’t want that to be controlled by Internet providers. Havas has been really supportive of our passion behind this project – we brought the idea to Havas on Friday and it was up and running on Monday.

Russett chimed in, “The Internet isn’t just a tool we use; it’s an environment we live in. So many aspects of our lives depend on it – especially at Havas. It would be an obvious mistake to repeal rules that were put in place to protect that environment and the public interest, and would benefit only a small list of greedy Internet service providers.”

She added, “We wanted to create a space where small businesses, educators, journalists and the average Internet user could have their voices heard and urge their representatives to take a stand on one of the most fundamental issues of our time.”