Havas Chicago celebrates Yellowstone National Park’s 150th anniversary

Rather than looking back to celebrate Yellowstone National Park’s 150th anniversary, Havas Chicago thought it would be a good time to look forward and think about ways to preserve the park for future generations.

The agency came up with the concept of Inheritance Passes — a fundraising effort that launched this week and is seeking $1,500 donations in exchange for an entry pass that has to be used this year, and another pass that can’t be used for 150 years.

To commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary of Yellowstone National Park,  Yellowstone Forever is debuting a new way to invest in the future with the launch of the Inheritance Pass, a legacy pass to Yellowstone National Park that guarantees entry 150 years from now.

The Inheritance Pass is a valid park pass, secured via a $1,500 donation to Yellowstone Forever. Doubling as both a donation to the park and a gift for future generations, this one-of-a-kind pass celebrates the past 150 years and helps preserve the park for the next 150 years. This pass secures entry to the park for future generations in 2172 and ensures they are able to experience a healthy, thriving Yellowstone. In the meantime, the Inheritance Pass becomes a legacy passed on from one generation to the next to support our collective love of Yellowstone’s vast wilderness.


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“This is a time for us to reflect on the natural and cultural significance of Yellowstone National Park, and to also look ahead to the next 150 years and how we can—together—work to strengthen its future,” said Lisa Diekmann, Yellowstone Forever President & CEO. “The Inheritance Pass is an opportunity to donate to the park now to help safeguard it for the future, and to ensure generations of stewards to come can experience and learn from the world’s first national park.”

For those interested in not only protecting but showcasing the next generation’s natural inheritance, there is only one way of getting your hands on an Inheritance Pass. Anyone who donates $1,500 will receive a premium commemorative Inheritance Pass, which will include their family’s name and is valid for entry into the park in 2172. In addition, those who donate will also receive an entry pass to Yellowstone National Park valid this year.  

Yellowstone Forever protects, preserves, and enhances the park through education and philanthropy. Support of Yellowstone Forever- including the Inheritance Pass – helps fund these important efforts in Yellowstone to ensure the park remains here, forever. Specific initiatives to support the park this milestone year include:

  • Wildlife Forever. Yellowstone National Park provides a natural, wild and intact ecosystem for almost 400 species of animals. Without protection these animals may not have a wild home in 150 years.
  • Trails Forever. Yellowstone National Park is home to more than 1,100 miles of trails. From backcountry paths to hidden waterfalls, to protective boardwalks surrounding glimmering thermal pools—these trails won’t be there in 150 years without protection.
  • Here Forever. If we want Yellowstone to be here for another 150 years, we must work together to find ways to be more sustainable—from decreasing light pollution to minimizing our carbon footprints.

“Yellowstone National Park has provided inspiration and wonder to people for thousands of years,” said Diekmann. “Today, the park remains protected for the benefit and enjoyment of all people. As we look to the future, it will take support from all of us to help protect it today and ensure the park is protected for the next 150 years and beyond.”

To commemorate 150 years of Yellowstone National Park and to secure an Inheritance Pass and donate to Yellowstone Forever to help preserve it for the next 150, visit inheritancepass.com

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