Grandma gets a life in new McD’s spots

We are Unlimited has released a batch of fun new work that, according to a spokeswoman, contains 30 pieces of original content from the agency.

And they are perfect for those who have been calling for McDonalds to use buttermilk in their Crispy Chicken Tenders. Or just happen to have a Grandma fetish. Let’s go with the former.

Through light-hearted humor, which McDonald’s has always excelled at, the new campaign features lovable and wise grandmothers talking about how there are no hard feelings towards their families for liking McDonald’s new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders.

In this spot titled “Sunday Dinner,” a grandmother with time on her hands now decides to try new hobbies that range from doing stand-up to checking out Tinder for a friend.

Another one, “Woe is Me,” features sarcastic grandmothers who feign upset that they don’t have to cook dinner.

A pretty funny :15 second cut down, called “VR” features the same grandmother from “Sunday Dinner” using her extra time to, you guessed it, explore virtual reality.

The spots are well-written and simple, not trying to be too cool which so much of advertising is attempting to do these days. They feel very McDonald’s in attitude and that’s not a bad thing. And the tenders actually make me want to try them.

But that said, I do have to ding the spots on the lack of diversity in the cast. Now having been on the creative side I know what it’s like to do casting. Sometimes you just find people who simply fit the role. But in looking hard at the spots, they lack diversity in even the extra roles.

I see Burrell listed in the credits and I’m sure there will be an African American-targeted spot, but aside from one Asian grandmother speaking role, there is not one person of color.

In light of what happened with Dove this week and Pepsi earlier in the year, agencies have got to do better to represent the way world really is. It doesn’t have to feel forced, but if you have a cast of extras, throw a chocolate chip into that cookie. Please?

CLIENT: McDonald’s
   U.S. Chief Marketing Officer: Morgan Flatley
   Sr. Director, Brand & Marketing Content: Julie Wenger
   Manager, Brand & Marketing Content: Ivonne Loza
   Supervisor, Brand & Marketing Content: Ariane Mendel
   Marketing Manager, Digital Campaigns & Content: Emily Charron
   Marketing Supervisor, Social Content & Engagement: Stephanie Servin
   Manager, US Marketing & Planning: Keishon Williams

   Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss
   Chief Creative Officer, We Are Unlimited: Toygar Bazarkaya
   Creative Director: Mark Wegwerth
   Creative Director: Chris Cole
   Creative Director: Vic Sanchez
   Creative Director: Jon Morgan
   Art Director: Rachel Bottlinger
   Copywriter: Jessi Pelzel
   Designer: Kristen Walters
   Chief Production Officer: Jon Ellis
   Senior Content Producer: Ross Greenblat
   Group Business Director: Melanie Behling
   Account Director: Sarah Stahurski
   Account Supervisor: Taylor Knowles
   SVP, Partners & Platforms: Justin Hood

   Director: Brian Billow
   Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
   Director of Photography: Larry Fong

   Editor: Grant Gustafson
   Producer: Heather Richardson

AUDIO POST: Another Country
   Audio Engineer: Pete Erazmus
   Executive Producer: Tim Kohn

   Colorist: Luke Morrison
   Flame Artists: Randy McEntee
   Senior Producer: Erica Hilbert

Burrell Group
   V.P., Group Creative Director: Rebecca Williams
   Art Director: Mark Oosthuizen
   Copywriter: Dave Linne

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