Google, Global Citizen & FCB partner to Save the Planet

What if you could save the planet from an impending environmental atrocity with a single click?

Google, in partnership with Global Citizen, FCB and 360i, teamed up to bring this to life. A new 30-second spot, on YouTube, shows a photograph of a house and its surroundings being burned down by a wildfire. The audio replicates the environment and feels like a 360 ASMR experience. As the fire builds across screen, the sound moves from one headphone or speaker to another, growing in volume as the spot progresses.

You can also hear the sound of footsteps and birds escaping once the fire starts. At the bottom of the screen, an in-stream ad variant pops up reading “Save the Planet” – giving the viewer the power to Make It Stop.

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The video was carefully designed to drive impact, motivating viewers to visit and register as Global Citizens. Global Citizen is a movement aimed to inspire and empower millions of people around the world to learn and take action in support of the most critical issues facing humanity.

Protecting the planet is just one of Global Citizen’s goals. Others include ending the pandemic, stopping the hunger crisis, resuming learning for all children and promoting equity & justice for all. To drive awareness of these goals and Global Citizen’s 2021 Recovery Plan for the World, ten global agencies teamed up to spotlight each of these critical issues as part of a larger 2021 Lighthouse Partnership project.

The project launched in four different countries: BR, IN, UK, US – and the second round of creative, incorporating both YouTube’s Video action campaigns and Google Discovery ads, will go live July 14th. 

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