Gomez’ sci-fi feature winning accolades on fest route

SCI-FI FEATURE “DAY 1” writer / director Jose Carlos Gomez of Skibofilms Productions, recently won Best Writer award from the Prairie State Film Festival, was nominated for Best Guerrilla Feature at this month’s Monrovia, Calif. Action on Film Festival and is a finalist of the online Los Angeles CineFest.

Set in a near post-apocalyptic future, “Day 1” is about a middle-aged man (Walt Sloan) who fights for his survival amid a threatening disease that causes people to fight to deaththat must be avoided if humanity is to survive

A rogue military captain (Harold Dennis) plans to eliminate the “infected” as two new recruits (Andrew Jacob DeHart and Jessica Galang) stand in the way of the evil plan.

Gomez was also the DP and editor of the low-budget feature and co-produced with Jason Patfield and Kelli Tidmore.

WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER JOHN LERCHEN is directing his first feature, the 85-minute mystery thriller, “The Pale Man.” Currently shooting on location in Muncie Ind., the film follows a teacher’s assistant trapped in a small town with a strange illness that takes on a local missing person’s case, aided by a Pale Man (Bruce Spielbauer) down the hall. Taylor Bostwick and Tom McElroy also star.

Produced by Lerchen and Austin Turner, the crew includes DP Eric Liberacki, AD Kyle Johannsen, production design by Maggie O’Brien; Gordon Glenn will edit.

A FIRST SHORT FILM from writer / animator Daniel D. Cooper, is “The Woman Who Loved Weirdo Goon,” a low-budget dark comedy about a graphic artist, Weirdo Goon (Danny Glenn), who descends into madness when he’s unable to separate his art from reality.

The 20-minute short, which includes animation and black-and-white sequences, stars Joyce Porter as Woman and Gary Goehl as Walter’s landlord.

Cooper, who produces and directs, will shoot over two weekends this month at Westmont’s Milkstop Creative Studios and in Evanston. A crew includes animator Ryan Krzak, DP Thomas Molash, Devin Burge as AD and Katie Rose handling props, wardrobe and costume design.

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An Industry Tribute during Pitch Days will be paid to prolific veteran producer James D. Stern (“An Education,” “Looper”). He will be among guests from LA, New York and Chicago, including distributors, acquisitions executives, producers and screenwriters.

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