Bucks celebrate MVP Antetokounmpo with Insta video


agency created
celebratory Instagram
video with in-house
production company

The story goes a little something like this. Former LA Laker Kobe Bryant was handing out challenges to NBA players.

Milwaukee Bucks forward, Giannis Antetokounmpo, felt left out and tweeted Bryant asking for his own challenge.

Bryant’s tweet was one word – MVP.

The Greece-born player answered the call. Antetokounmpo took the next step to NBA superstardom by winning the 2018-19 NBA Most Valuable Player award. And the results weren’t even that close.

The “Greek Freak” collected 78 out of a possible 101 first-place votes and 23 more second-place votes.

The Milwaukee Bucks, along with AOR Laughlin Constable, celebrated Antetokounmpo’s big NBA MVP win with the release of a new video. The Bucks debuted the video on Instagram and IGTV immediately after the MVP award was announced.

Playing into Giannis’ strong relationship with his fans, Laughlin Constable (LC) created a video that told the story of what a league MVP truly does: fill the fans’ phones and feeds with incredible highlights.

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“Knowing that mobile would be the primary viewing platform of this video, we wanted to build a piece of content that stood out on our phones. We wanted to celebrate Giannis and the connection he has with his fans and the NBA,” says Pat Laughlin, Group Creative Director, Laughlin Constable. “The quick turnaround on this video was possible because of the Hive’s incredibly skilled group of animators and editors. The brief to them was simple: create animations that lived up to the Giannis’ MVP season.”

LC created and produced the compilation of basketball and social media highlights in under two weeks through its in-house production agency, the Hive.

Source: Laughlin Constable