Director / Writer George Mays joins Seed

George Mays

George Mays

The West Coast pro
known for his work
with Red Bull
and Skrillex
signs with the
Chicago-based shop

(Chicago — 31 October 2018) Los Angeles-based Writer / Director George Mays, best known for his work with Red Bull, has signed with Seed Media Arts. George also continues to direct freelance for Red Bull’s Media House where he has worked for over ten years, helping to establish the brand with his compelling branded films.

A director who is known as an acclaimed specialist in brand strategy, market dynamics, and creative event integration, May has created work for Red Bull that has been shared by millions.



Roy Skillicorn, owner and Managing Director at Seed Media Arts, welcomes George, saying “Always the storyteller, both scripted and from the hip, George loves to explore narratives from both the sports and music genres. From his work that empowers women in sports, to his in-depth interviewing acumen of musicians like Skrillex, George manages to capture a person’s authenticity, passions and purpose, always produced with rich cinematic visuals. He embodies what today’s new media seeks.”

Mays’s own passion remains to keep the audience in their seats, totally engaged, and asking themselves, “How will this turn out?” George and his team also create custom content based on data analysis allowing clients to grow their audience and engage them longer.

“George’s welcoming personality and his genuine curiosity combine with his artistic eye to make captivating films,” says George’s friend and producer Tom Mickel.

Tom brought George to meet Roy and they hit it off immediately. Roy and Tom have been longtime friends since they worked together at HKM and have collaborated often over the years.

In addition to working with Red Bull, George writes feature scripts, and music. He plays guitar and surfs whenever possible. He lives in Los Angeles where he is a great dad for his two daughters. Presently he travels all over the world, shooting his own particular style commercials, short form series and documentaries for broadcast television, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Headquartered in Chicago, Seed produces commercials and content films while promoting distinctive filmmakers and connecting them to brands. The company cultivates promising young directors and supports well-established masters of storytelling. Management consists of savvy pros that cater to clients who expect highly sophisticated production teams. East Coast: Schaffer/Rogers (212) 229-0833. West Coast: Options o: 323-297-3239 m: 213-479-8880. Midwest: Heart Brains & Nerve (312-401-8039)

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