Gallery display of costumes & props from CUFF films

The fanciful Underground Prop Art Show of costumes, props at the I Am Logan Square Gallery, will run in conjunction with the 22nd Chicago Underground Film Festival, May 13-17, next door at the Logan Theatre, 2646 N. Milwaukee. 

Curated by filmmaker Emily Oscarson, CUFF’s festival coordinator, the artifacts were selected from a dozen films that will be part of the CUFF schedule. 

Jennifer Reeder, from Ohio, whose award-winning stories are about female relationships, trauma and coping.

Marching band uniform from And I Will Rise If Only to Hold You Down (2011), E.T from A Million Miles Away (2014); prom dress and mug from Blood Below The Skin (2015). 

A Million Miles Away screens at the Chicago Cultural Center, May 4, as part of CUFF Award Winning Screening; Blood Below the Skin, Logan Theatre, May 15. 

Mike Olenick, from New Jersey makes perverse award-winning films focused on photography, murder, forbidden desire, etc.

Costume (Lycra, felt, glitter, fabric glue, plastic glasses, prisms, spray paint, athletic cup, gloves, and boots), from Red Luck (2014). At the Chicago Cultural Center, May 4.

Andytoad (aka Andrew Jordan), Brooklyn-based artist and costume designer for the Met, Broadway, Madonna, Wes Craven, Julie Taylor among many others. 

“The Thing,” (Lycra, foam, paint, adhesive, glass prisms, electrical wire, LEDs, batteries) from Beautiful Things (2015).  Logan Theatre, May 17.

Jerzy Rose, of Chicago makes fiction film comedies about jerks and perverts.

“Money Island,” a paper book from En Plein Air; Shark tooth necklaces (shark teeth, beads, leather) from Crimes Against Humanity, both 2014.  Logan Theatre, May 14.

Kenny Reed, Bigfoot costume from Night of the Blood Squatch (2015 Body suit provided by Ben Popp, mask bought on eBay. Logan Theatre, May 16.

Ali Aschman, Chicago-based visual artist: stop motion animation, installation, drawing and printmaking.

Etchings from Elsewhere, the Survivors (2014).  Logan Theatre, May 17.

Chris Sullivan teacher at the School of the Art Institute who has been making animated films for 35 years, with funding from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundations. Director of a 2015 CUFF trailer.

“Victor at Earl’s door” (paper/paint) from Consuming Spirits (2012).  Logan Theatre, May 16.

Laura Ann Harrison studies at SAIC for her MFA. 

“Wade,” “Dead Cesar” and “My Dealer” (gouache on paper, inkjet printer) from The Lingerie Show (2014).  Logan Theatre, May 16.  

Mike Lopez is a Chicago-based video artist, illustrator, performer and writer.

Pencil and ink drawings from Some Southern Country (2014). Logan Theatre, May 16.

Spencer Parsons a feature director, CUFF, is a Northwestern associate professor of radio/TV/film.

“The Story of My Life” by Spencer Parsons and Dylan Louis Pecora (silicone, bone and teeth of cow; wig; puffy pink jacket) from Bite Radius (2015).  Logan Theatre, May 16.

Lyra Hill is an experimental filmmaker, performer, and cartoonist, who works as an education and projectionist.

“They’re for Ola” objects from Uzi’s Party (2015). Logan Theatre, May 15.

Todd Mattei is a Chicago artist working in video, sound, music, and photography.

“Memory Objects” (mirror, crystals, skull, dice, clock) from Terity Entitory (2014). Logan Theatre, May 17.

See CUFF’s full schedule here.

Individual general admission ticket is $9; all access ticket for opening and closing nights only, $15; CUFF passes, $75.