A gala welcome for Tribeca Enterprises

Robert DeNiro in Chicago this fall? Possibly, since Tribeca Enterprises of New York, partner in Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy of Chicago, will be IFP/Chicago’s honoree at its 4th annual Independent Film Gala, Friday, Sept. 24 at Excalibur nightclub.

Tribeca Enterprises was chosen “to welcome them to Chicago and for all they’ve done for independent filmmakers,” says gala director Colleen O’Neill.

“This year’s gala will have a different vibe, since we’ll be at a bigger venue — the newly renovated Excalibur nightclub, with a dance floor, balconies and several bars. It was one of the few venues that can accommodate the crowd we expect,” says O’Neill, who chairs a committee of 12.

She anticipates that the 2010 gala will attract double the number of guests from the 350-400 of previous years.

In April, Tribeca Enterprises became a 50% partner in three-year old Flashpoint Academy, which is headed by Howard Tullman, president/CEO, a successful businessman in high-tech ventures.