From A – Z: All of The Bear major guest stars

The Bear

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. The Bear has returned for its third season on Hulu, bringing with it 10 new episodes.

As Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) open their new fine-dining establishment in Chicago and serve up food porn along with heaps of chaos, they are joined by their dedicated team, which includes sous-chef Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas), pastry chef Marcus (Lionel Boyce), Uncle Jimmy (Oliver Platt) and front-of-house manager Sugar/Natalie (Abby Elliott).

Also returning are the mischievous Faks, Neil (Matty Matheson) and Ted (Ricky Staffieri).

Each season of the Emmy-winning series introduces notable guest stars, from Molly Ringwald in season one to Sarah Paulson and Bob Odenkirk in season two. Season three continues this tradition with several high-profile guest appearances.

In February, Josh Hartnett mentioned his love for The Bear at the SAG Awards, and by March, John Cena was rumored to be filming a cameo in Chicago. Here’s an A – Z guide to all of the series’ guest stars this season.

Jon Bernthal returns as Michael Berzatto

Bernthal reprises his role as Mikey, Carmy’s late brother, in a flashback during episode six. The scene showcases a pivotal moment when Mikey offers Tina a job at the family restaurant.

John Cena as Sammy Fak

Cena joins in episode five as Sammy “Fucking Fak,” the brother of Neil and Ted. Sammy helps with construction tasks at The Bear and debates with his family about the idea of “haunting” loved ones.

Olivia Colman returns as Andrea Terry

Colman plays Chef Andrea Terry, whose restaurant Ever is closing. The third-season finale features her character’s farewell party, where she celebrates her culinary journey.

Bradley Cooper

In a blink or you’ll miss it moment – a special nod goes to Bradley Cooper, who appears in a photo from his culinary movie Burnt displayed at a key event in the season finale.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Donna Berzatto

Curtis returns as the Berzatto family matriarch. She appears in flashbacks and family photos throughout the season. In episode eight, she steps up to help her daughter, Sugar, during a critical moment.

Molly Gordon returns as Claire

Molly Gordon reprises her role as Claire, with viewers eagerly awaiting to see if her relationship with Carmy can recover from the explosive season two finale.

Josh Hartnett as Frank

Hartnett makes his debut in episode four as Frank, the new fiancé of Richie’s ex-wife, Tiff (Gillian Jacobs). When Richie drops off his daughter, he and Frank have an awkward conversation about their blended family dynamic.

Gillian Jacobs returns as Tiff

Jacobs returns as Tiff, Richie’s ex-wife. Richie receives an invitation to her second wedding, and they discuss the event while watching their daughter play.

Brian Koppelman as Nicholas “The Computer” Marshall

Brian Koppelman, co-creator of Billions, appears as Nicholas “The Computer” Marshall. He’s brought in by Uncle Jimmy to help figure out The Bear’s finances, leading to a heated moment with Sugar.

Joel McHale returns as David Fields

McHale’s character, David Fields, is Carmy’s former boss and source of his PTSD. In a flashback, Carmy recalls David’s harsh yet influential advice on cooking.

John Mulaney returns as Cousin Stevie

Mulaney makes a brief appearance in the season opener as Stevie, Carmy’s cousin-in-law who provided him a place to stay in New York.

Will Poulter returns as Luca

Poulter returns as Luca, the pastry chef who mentored Marcus in Copenhagen. In the finale, Luca and Sydney bond over shared experiences.

Sarah Ramos returns as Jess

Ramos reprises her role as Jess, who maintains contact with Richie after his apprenticeship. In the finale, she advises Richie on surrounding himself with good influences.

Robert Townsend returns as Sydney’s dad, Emmanuel

Returning to the screen as Emmanuel, Robert Townsend reprises his role as Sydney’s father in The Bear. As Sydney and Emmanuel navigate their living arrangements together, the dynamics between father and daughter continue to unfold throughout the season. Their interactions provide both heartwarming and tense moments, adding depth to Sydney’s personal storyline and relationship dynamics within the show.

David Zayas as Davis

David Zayas, real-life husband of Liza Colón-Zayas, plays Tina’s husband, Davis, in a flashback showing a pivotal moment in Tina’s life.

Celebrity Chefs

Several renowned chefs appear this season. Daniel Boulud and René Redzepi mentor Carmy in the premiere. Thomas Keller is featured in a significant cameo in the finale, offering Carmy life advice during a flashback. Other culinary stars such as Malcolm Livingston II and Grant Achatz also make appearances.

All episodes of The Bear are currently streaming on FX on Hulu.