Fresh Films’ feature intros teens to films’ tech side

Director Estlin Feigley (right) working with teens

Kelli and Estlin Feigley’s Dreaming Tree Films non-profit division, Fresh Films, is producing a tech-centered movie that places teens behind the camera and in every other position on the set.

The science-adventure underway is “Traveling without Moving,” about three teens whose science project unlocks the key to finding their missing parents.  The science in the film is based on the Quantum Mechanics theory “Many Worlds” and the science of wormholes.  

Filming started July 6 on the Aurora University campus and will wrap Aug. 20. Each week, a new team of teens comes on set for the week-long experience where they learn the role every role behind the scenes.

The team works with two teen filmmaking leaders throughout the week, also working directly with crew members to learn every aspect of production. 

The side-by-side training emphasizes many STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, math) needed for behind-the-scenes roles. 

Director Estlin Feigley states that Fresh Films’ goal is “to inspire the teens’ interest in the exciting, lesser-known and engineering opportunities in film while they’re on the set.”

He points out that Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic and Pixar are three brand-name Hollywood companies that employ thousands of engineers and tech experts as sound engineers, special effects engineers and more. 

Learning teamwork, creative problem solving, responsibility, and leadership skills are all part of the teens’ training.

The 95-minute film stars teens Stephanie Barron, Anna Benuzzi and Zachary Keller.

A spring 2016 theatrical release is planned for “Traveling without Moving,”  followed by DVD, digital and international, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit youth charities and programs.

Screenwriters were Colin Costello  and Estlin Feigley; story by Feigley and Saundra Mitchell.  Expertise was provided by Chicago scientists from the Adler Planetarium, the University of Chicago and NASA.

One of the scientists was Gerry Griffin, former director of the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, who also supplied technical direction for Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13.”

Kelli Feigley is EP; Megan Swanson, associate producer/teen leader; Ricci Pier Reinbold, DP; Joel Labahn, 1st AD/line producer; Will Angelico, 2nd AD; Josh Romero, 1st AC; Michael Vincent Carrera, casting director; Robert Petril, production designer; Linda Wyatt, assistant production designer.


Assistant producers/Fresh Films teen leaders: Keith Taylor, Macy Hernandez and Joshua Malone.

A dozen companies helped make Fresh Films possible, as part of their commitment to support youth and their pursuit of career skils and STEM development.

Teens seeking a unique opportunity to be part of Fresh Films can apply here   for one of the remaining 30 available film crew spots. No cost to participate, no previous film experience required.  Application deadline is July 20.

The 12 companies helped make Fresh Films possible, as part of their commitment to supporting youth and their pursuit of career skills and STEM development. Equipment was supplied by Tribeca Flashpoint College and Cinelease.