Free Spirit Exec Director Jeff McCarter placed on leave


In a written statement from the Board of Free Spirit Media, Executive Director Jeff McCarter has been placed on leave while “serious allegations” against McCarter are examined and evaluated.

A spokesperson from Free Spirit Media spoke with our publisher, Barbara Roche and although she could not discuss the specific nature of the allegations, she said they are deeply troubled by the statements they have been hearing.

The spokesperson further said that former staff and participants have created a petition calling for an investigation, and as a board, they will be holding a thorough investigation into all claims made. “We are deeply troubled at this and shook, understandably.”

The board is currently looking for an active director and expect to have someone in place soon. In the interim, the Chairman of the Board, Stacey Bolton is actively working with the board in filling that roll.

On Tuesday, June 23rd the Board of Free Spirit Media released the following statement:

“On Monday, June 22nd, the Board of Directors of Free Spirt Media was made aware of a series of allegations concerning its Executive Director Jeff McCarter. We take these accusations extremely seriously and are compelled to act on them. As people who are keenly aware of the harm that has been caused to Black people, women and others by the simple fact of allegation, we are committed to a full hearing of the issues presented.

Free Spirit Media was created and exists to empower and amplify the voices of youth creators – particularly youth who, because of their race, have historically been hushed. At this critical moment in our city and nation, when Free Spirit Media’s participants’ voices are so needed, we will not allow this matter to deter or defer our work.

Thus, in the interest of the greater goals of the organization and the necessity of moving forward while allegations against Executive Director McCarter are examined and evaluated, we will continue to operate our full program. Mr. McCarter has been placed on administrative leave and an Acting Director will be appointed to keep the organization moving forward during these turbulent, but defining, times.


Stacey Bolton
Chairman of the Board of Directors”

Jeff McCarter is the Founder & Executive Director of Free Spirit Media, which he created in 2001 in order to share his experience as a media professional (Emmy Award-winning producer, cameraman, director, and editor) with young people from under-resourced communities.

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