Fred Keller makes leap from Gotham to Chicago to join Filmworkers Club as its fourth colorist

When New York native and film colorist Fred Keller interviewed with Reid Brody back in December, he had never been to Chicago before. Ever.

Evidently Keller liked what he saw of Filmworkers Club and the city, and accepted Brody’s offer to become Filmworkers’ fourth colorist.

Keller, who started April 2, occupies a third color correction suite, upgraded with a new Spirit Datacine 2K and a new da Vinci 2K Plus.

Keller is one of a very few film and agency professionals to transplant from the Big Apple to the Big Onion. Usually it’s the other way around.

Brody acknowledged that Keller’s arrival on the post scene is “huge for Chicago,” figuring that Keller’s stature will help stabilize work in Chicago that tends to go out-of-town.