Frankel’s Spots Video now located in Northbrook

Editor Bruce Frankel has moved his location from off Michigan Ave. to Northbrook, and shifted from a decades-long emphasis on strictly commercials to a mix of visual media.

Frankel calls his new two-room Avid venture Spots Video, a nod to his original Spots BME editorial boutique, which he had renamed Filament a few years ago.

Spots Video’s executive producer is Carol Govern, who had been Spots BME’s business manager for eight years until moving to L.A. Upon her return five years later, Frankel immediately hired her back.

The decision to leave 1 E. Erie St., his office of 17 years, was “traumatic,” said Frankel. Nonetheless, he had been thinking about making a change for several years, but each time he was ready to move, in came a spurt of business. In February, he packed up and departed for Northbrook.

The advantage of a suburban office is lower expenses, says Frankel, “so I don’t have to charge the same hourly rates as downtown.”

Frankel finds no shortage of business in the Northwest suburbs where large corporations are locations.

Frankel is seeking sub-lessees for his former space, synergistically shared with Chicago HD and Bam! Studios, which together occupy approximately half the 5,500-sq. ft. space.

Spots Video is located at 3671 Woodhead Drive, Northbrook; phone, 847/770-6270.